Friday, February 18, 2011

இந்துக்களுக்கு பாதுகாப்பு தேவை!


Arun Ambie said...

காவல் துறையினர் ஏவுவார் கைப்பிள்ளைகள். 1997ல் தங்களில் ஒருவரான செல்வராஜ் கோவையில் கடமையைச் செய்ததற்காகக் கொடூரமாகக் கொல்லப்பட்ட போதே ரோட்டில் அமர்ந்து தர்ணா செய்ததன்றி பெரிதாக வேறொன்றும் இயலாத அவர்களைக் குற்றம் சாட்டுவது எறிந்தவனை விடுத்துக் கல்லை நோவதற்கொப்பாவது.

hayyram said...

என்ன செய்வது அம்பி, நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே! தி மு க விற்கு ஓட்டளிப்பதை இந்துக்கள் முற்றாக தவிர்க்கவில்லையெனில் இதை மாற்றுவது சாத்தியமில்லை!

Agilan said...

As hindus to make a meaningful impact we “have to” do the following:
1- Organize and vote only as Hindus. Anyone talking against Hinduism or Hindus should not be allowed to have a public life. Kalaignar&co in TN is the first one that should be taught a lesson.
2- Educate and create awareness among our Hindu friends and relatives about the reality of this threat to our Dharma. there is no use just talking abt it with like minded ppl only. For eg; i now openly declare to my friends and relatives that the islamic and Christian conversion & love jihad threat is real and present. Many start by wondering why an erstwhile secular(sic) indian shld talk like this and once i give them facts and figures generally there is shock at first and a lot more do their own research and become aware of this. Some thank me for opening their eyes & all i tell them is pls open the eyes of few more of your friends and relatives. that’s all..!! Never underestimate the power of what you as an individual can do.
3- Wherever practically possible, ALWAYS ensure you buy things or spend money only on Hindu owned Businesses. Never let Christian or Muslim Business earn even a Rupee from you. This is a recognised but rarely discussed phenomena- Muslims & Christians, even when they fall sick seek out a Doctor in their respective religions. Do this back to them, this will make them fall in line. Don’t believe me? Try this: go to a Muslim or Christian owned pharmacy and just say you have some problem and can you suggest a good doctor? 9/10 times the answer will be a name from their Religion.
4- NEVER send your children to Christian run schools. This is where bulk of indoctrination happens. most hindu girls become accustomed to their ideals and start to believe whatever nonsense these christian missionaries tell them as stories at an impressionable age. I would say Christians are a bigger danger than Muslims in this.
5- Tell ur kids esp. teenage girls that you are ok with their own choice of boy(or girl) but only that they should NOT marry outside the religion. Kids generally understand UR point when U show them U respect their choices, but are concerned abt their future that’s all.

As alien as these ideas may seem to an Indian Hindu mind, this is how atleast 2 generations of Christians and Muslims have been brought up in India. We are the generation who have to cleanse this nonsense. Let’s remember once we ALL put our house in order the society will fall in line automatically…

Madhusudhanan D said...

Your points are good. I wish to mention a comment on your point.

//most hindu girls become accustomed to their ideals and start to believe whatever nonsense these christian missionaries tell them as stories at an impressionable age.//

In Hindu schools too they teach about Hindu religion. We cannot say only Christians do that. But in Christian missionary schools, there is a compulsory subject Catechism for Christian students where they will teach Bible. In Hindu institutions also they can teach Gita. That will be a good idea.

Love Jihad: I saw the video about that. I saw a mention that there was no compliant filed by the victims regarding that. But Rahul mentioned that the Judge mentioned in his second statement that a strong suspicion persists on it. But after that I don't think any investigation has been done and reports submitted.

//would say Christians are a bigger danger than Muslims in this.//
True with conversion done by Christians.

Before blaming Christians we need to change some persons like Kamalahasan, Seeman who criticize Hinduism and Hindu Gods. Karunanidhi, Veeramani, etc speak atheism only with Hindu Gods. Anyway these days people are aware of Karunanidhi's blabbering. No one is going to listen to him too.

hayyram said...

// Seeman // MADHU, Seeman is a christian. his name is simon what i heard.

Madhusudhanan D said...

@Ram: May be. It is not important that he is Christian or Hindu. He is the one who criticize our culture and religion in public. That is important.